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About Own Your powers

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When Hannah isn’t traveling the world, playing video games, or speaking about herself in the third person, she can be found…


Well, truth be told, she probably can’t be found. Some say she is a shapeshifter, others, a servant of The Many-Faced God. Some doubt she even exists at all. 

But one thing is certain: her legendary kernels of knowledge can be found on this website. 

If you are looking for answers, your Higher Self and guides brought you to this obscure corner of the interwebs for a reason... 

Are you boss enough to own your powers and heed the call? 

Hannah Azok



Psychic Readings

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Feeling stuck, lost, or crazy? Struggling to trust your intuition? In need of some external validation and guidance? 

Never fear: your friendly neighborhood channeler is here! 

I will connect in with your guides, deities, Higher Self, deceased loved ones -- favorite fictional character even! -- to assist you in finding the clarity you seek. 





Do you sense you have a greater purpose in life but have no idea what that is or how you can go about finding it? Have you always had a penchant for "breaking the fourth wall" and all things meta? And, do you (proudly, of course) identify as a nerd? 

This is the book for you! 

In "Find Your Purpose, Find Your Plot Line: The Nerd's Guide to Platinuming the Video Game of Life" we'll delve into my favorite "life is a video game" analogy, as well as astrology, Human Design, and numerology to get you on that purpose-wielding fast track.

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