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Have you always felt a connection with dragons? If you were called to this page, it means you have a personal dragon guide that’s got your back. As with other nonphysical beings, though it is usually difficult to actually see them, we can connect with them in a variety of ways—including meditation!


But if you’re not a fan of “traditional” meditation, don’t fret! Did you know that walking can be a form of meditation? So all you gotta do is take a little walk and listen to this baby and you can still connect with your guide. No mind-stilling or visualization required. Yay!


Have aphantasia, ADHD, or just a hard time meditating? Not a problem! The Meet Your Dragon Guide Walking Meditation offers the same benefits without the usual sitting-still-and-imagining-things kerfuffle. (And OMG, I am too excited that I got to use the word “kerfuffle” in an actual sentence) 


The dragons guided me in creating this meditation as a means to help you learn to connect with them on your own. In it, you may experience the following:


  • A raising of your vibrational frequency (which makes it easier to manifest and connect with higher frequency beings—like dragons!)
  • Heightened feelings of awareness and mindfulness
  • Feelings of relaxation
  • Becoming aware of your dragon guide’s appearance
  • Becoming aware of your dragon guide’s energy
  • Receiving advice from your dragon guide
  • A deepening of the bond between you and your dragon guide


I recommend listening to this meditation on a regular basis to really strengthen the bond between you and your guide, get clarity on your current life situations, and to raise your frequency so life just starts flowing more easily.


This meditation is approximately 15 minutes long, and the music was composed by Chris Collins.

Meet Your Dragon Walking Guided Meditation

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