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Psychic readings

tired of narcissists, isolation, and trauma (oh my!)?

Well that, my friend, is about to change. If you’re tired of being beaten down by life, tortured by your dark and troubled past, and always just out of reach of that special someone, welcome to the first chapter of your shiny new origin story.

What would life be like if you were the one calling the shots? If you could, in fact, “have nice things”? And if you could not only have said nice things but feel like a complete and utter boss on your road to obtaining them?

Welcome to Hannah Azok’s psychic readings.

Together, we’ll connect with your spirit team, higher self, deceased loved ones, twin flame or even that pet goldfish you had once in fifth grade to get a birdseye view of your situation.


No matter what boss fight you may find yourself up against, your guides have your back. They’ll provide a compass that will have you leaving our session with clarity, confidence, and a newfound sense of empowerment.

But the question remains: are you ready to take the leap?

General Psychic Reading:
60 Minutes


This will be a live session between me and you, done on Zoom. I can channel whatever source you wish, whether you’d like to connect in with a deceased loved one, twin flame, the dragons, or even a fictional character!

Just let me know your desired source in the notes when you book.


This reading can cover a broad area, rather than a specific question. For example: love, career, or just whatever you’re hoping the universe wants you to know! You can record the call if you wish (FYI: Zoom doesn’t allow you to record on a phone). If tarot or oracle cards are drawn, I can send you a picture upon request. 




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