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What Element is Your Dragon Spirit Guide?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Now that you know dragons exist and that you have your very own dragon spirit guide, maybe you’re wondering what their elemental affinity might be? Or perhaps you weren’t because you weren’t even aware they had an elemental affinity!?

Well I’m here to tell you, adventurers, that yes, just like pokémon, IRL dragons tend to have at least one elemental affinity, if not more. And you can actually be a good indicator of what that affinity might be! Dragons don’t just choose anyone to be their partner in crime, after all.

If you were wondering what elemental affinity yours might have, check out the below video for signs each of the main four elementals tend to respect in their human partners!

So, what elemental affinity do you suspect your dragon guide has? Do you suspect it has more than one? Or maybe one that wasn’t covered in this video? Let me know below!

And if you’d like some assistance in connecting with your own guide, check out my Meet Your Dragon Guide page. I can connect with your guide and sketch them, which you can then use as an anchor to call them in during meditation. And of course, you can always check out the How to Train Your Dragon Guide eCourse, my guided meditation or walking meditation for some DIY dragon bonding fun times.

You’re welcome.


A Day in the Life

What I’m Playing: The Witcher 3 – Let me tell you: there is no more perfect game for lockdown! I’ve put countless hours into this baby and still going strong. And am I the only one who gets a kick out of every time Geralt uses Axii to Jedi Mind Trick someone???

What I’m Watching: Seven Deadly Sins – I’ve been meaning to get to this for some time and I’m so happy I did: it resonates so much more now that I’m on my twin flame journey. Cause damn, I swear Ban and Elaine are TFs!

What I’m Listening to: Icon for Hire – New favorite band of all time ever. Like, I haven’t resonated so much with every single song a band has put out since Linkin Park (RIP Chester <3)

What I’m Reading: The Game of Desire by Shan Boodram – This was a hella entertaining read for anyone looking to up their dating game and get a bit of a story out of it. And OMG, I identify with Maya so much! XD

What I’m Writing: “Happily Resonant After” – my newest short story: a meta fairy tale that’s an allegory for the love-vs-fear spiritual war happening atm… naturally featuring dragons.

What I’m Contemplating: What I’m about to burn for my full moon ritual after this!

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