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Wondering how best to connect with your spirit guides?

Discover your dominant "clair" ability with this popular quiz! Upon completion, you will be sent an exercise tailored to developing your particular clair ability, along with a seven-day challenge for supercharging your psychic skills. Completing the quiz will put you on my mailing list, which nets you tons of free exclusive content, discounts, offers, personal anecdotes and more.

Always wanted to work with dragons?

A deep dive eCourse that will introduce you to your personal dragon guide(s), teach you how to work with them consciously, and initiate you into the dragon realm. You can enroll in the first unit for free, which will take you into the dragon realm, explain what exactly "real" dragons are, and delve into the six main dragon elementals. It also includes recommended resources (free and paid) to take your studies further! 

In Need of some Quantum Healing?

A free repository of all the dragon energy healing videos I've done. (Dragon energy healing = reiki but supercharged!) You can receive healing for abundance blocks, healing to unlock psychic abilities, healing to assist in dissolving karmic contracts, and more! This collection is updated regularly so check back as often as you feel called.

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