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Four Tips for Working with Manifestor Energy (from a Manifestor)

So you’re a Manifestor. Or, in keeping with our character class analogy, a black mage. Now what? As you may know, being the second rarest Type in Human Design is far from chocolate frogs and butterbeer.

Luckily for you, my black mage adventurers, as a Manifestor myself, I’ve learned a thing or two about working with this often-volatile energy over the years.

I’m still learning, of course, but considering info on Human Design can be hard to come by as is, I figured: why not share my findings with all you other Manifestors out there?

Even if you’re not a Manifestor, don’t run! A lot of the info you’ll find here could be applicable to the “non-energy” Types (Projectors and Reflectors) as well as Manifesting-Generators and Generators. After all, overwhelm can happen to any of us, regardless of our Type.

And even if it doesn’t resonate with you personally, at the very least, it should hopefully give you a better understanding of the Manifestors in your life. We are, after all, a secretive and mysterious bunch.

The Hard-Knock Life

Considering that Generators comprise roughly seventy percent of the world, things ain’t always easy for those of us remaining thirty-percenters. We’re expected to go, go, go. To input a steady amount of energy. To tough out the nine-to-five.

And hell, even in our free time there doesn’t seem to be much solace. I don’t know about you, but my Generator friends are always marathoning games and TV shows and books and wondering what the heck’s wrong with me when I don’t do the same.

Sure, I might be pretty obsessive when I first start something, but—without fail—there comes a point where I just want to take it slow. Gradually. If I even end up finishing that game/show/book at all.

And that’s just not how I roll. It’s who I am. And chances are, if you’re also a Manifestor, you can relate.

We can play along in the Generator’s world for a little while. We can take the actions. We can pretend. But sooner or later, we’re gonna burn out. Hard. And meanwhile, if we do start saying, “hell no” to the Generator world, we’re seen as lazy.

There’s just no winning. What gives?

The Black Mage Dilemma

If you give a mage a sword and a shield and turn off their magic, chances are, they’re not gonna last very long. They may be able to defend themselves for a little while, but when it comes down to it—they just aren’t built to wield that kind of equipment.