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Readings closed temporarily. Reach out via the Contact form at the bottom of the page to be put on the waitlist. 

Have you always felt a connection to dragons?

Well, my friend, I’m happy to say the feeling’s mutual! If you were called to this page, it means you have a personal dragon guide that’s got your back. As with other nonphysical beings, though it is usually difficult to actually see them, we can connect with them in a variety of ways. Meditation, automatic writing, or just… talking to them, to name a few.

But if you’ve tried everything and they’re still feeling shy, maybe I can help! I can connect with your dragon and draw an intuitive sketch of them, as seen in the images below. Having a picture of your dragon is a great way to open the door of communication between the two of you. It lets your dragon know you respect them and are serious about connecting with them. And you can use it to keep focus when trying to connect with them through meditation!

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Meet Your Dragon Guide Psychic Reading + Sketch

Want to connect more deeply with your dragon after receiving their sketch? We will take the reading even further by calling in your guide and channeling them for any specific guidance you may be looking for. 

The entire reading should last approximately 45 or 60 minutes and will take place over Zoom. You can record the call if you wish (FYI: Zoom doesn’t allow you to record on a phone). 

**I will email you the scheduling link upon receiving your order. 

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