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How to Be a Law of Attraction Wizard in Four Simple Steps

You, my friend, are a wizard.

Yes, just like Harry Potter. But maybe you don’t know that yet. And that’s okay. Because, by the time you’re done reading this article, you’re going to.

With last week’s post on Manifestors – the real world’s mages, as far as I’m concerned – I was reminded that I’ve yet to delve into the Law of Attraction since equating it to a magic system a couple months ago.

So this week, we’re going to explore my personal process for manifesting like Mary. Hopefully some of you aspiring IRL-wizard adventurers out there can make some use of it!

Enter the Law of Attraction

The way I see it, while characters in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter have their magic, we have something so much better: the Law of Attraction. Yes, similar to magic in that it often seems mysterious, unpredictable, and just downright confusing, it’s no wonder many doubt whether it even exists at all.

Manifesting is tricky business, after all! And it’s made even trickier by the fact that we lack proper instruction on the matter. When it boils down to it, many of us fail to manifest because we fail to understand how LOA really works.

Unfortunately, we don’t have wizarding schools to teach us—as Harry did—but we do have friendly neighborhood bloggers, like yours truly.

How LOA Works

Like attracts like. When we vibrate at a certain frequency—when we feel a certain way—more of that comes our way. Without exception.

It’s a simple enough process, sure, but as I suspect you know, it becomes much more difficult when we try to make it work for us. Once we’ve awakened to our wizard status, things can start to get more than a little crazy. In fact, sometimes life can get so much worse than it was when we were oblivious little muggles.

But why?

Because we get so obsessed with manifesting what we want, the “want” becomes a need. We get so caught up in wanting and doing, that we completely forget about appreciating and being.