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Missing your twin flame? Whether they’re alive or deceased, whether you’ve met them IRL or not, or whether you’re in a stage of separation or Union, this meditation can help! If you were called to this page, your twin flame wants to connect with you just as much as you’d like to connect with them. Through this meditation, you will learn how to connect directly with their Higher Self to receive the support and guidance you desire so that you can ultimately bring about a state of Union in the physical world.


First staple in your twin flame adventurer’s toolbox? This guided meditation. I recommend doing it every day prior to bed as a means of keeping the fire hot between you and your TF even when you are apart physically. It will help you to make peace with any (illusion of) separation, raise your vibration, and find the confidence to proceed on this journey no matter how daunting it may be.


Even if you haven’t met your TF IRL yet, this is a great way to initiate that meeting if you feel that you’re up for the wild ride that is the twin flame journey. (You know you want to.)


The Ascended Masters guided me in creating this meditation as a means to aid with humanity’s ascension by catalyzing twin flame Union. In it, you may experience the following:


  • A raising of your vibrational frequency (i.e. ascension from third and forth dimensional consciousness to fifth dimensional consciousness)
  • An increased connection with your twin flame, whether or not you’ve met them yet and whether or not they are alive or deceased
  • Feelings of peace and relaxation
  • Tapping into powerful frequencies of unconditional love and abundance
  • Becoming aware of who your twin flame is
  • Receiving advice and support from your twin flame
  • Increased telepathic abilities, not only with your twin flame, but with all beings


I recommend listening to this meditation on a daily basis to really anchor you into a fifth dimensional frequency, help you ease any feelings of separateness and missing your twin flame, and to bring about Union with your twin flame at an increased rate.


This meditation is approximately 17 minutes long, and the music was composed by Chris Collins.

Twin Flame Telepathy Meditation

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